Wilkens Greyweather



In his prime but not exactly the most handsome or charming. Wilkens is a man who likely has lived most of his life on sea and seems very accustom to the life brandishing tattoos of a compass pointing due north, free flowing breaches, a bandana over his head and a few strains of hair woven into dread locks.


Wilkens served with the Anchor’s Bane only four months. He joined on while in the ship was docked in Carre Dova. Due to his profession of piracy he was desperate to find work and leave the harbor which has a stronger than most ports presence of the Ordic Navy. Wilkens is a man who can hold his liquor, tends to go prowl a port for harlots and brothels and loves the smell of a good cigar. He is truly a man after Captain Essex’s heart but he changed much of his derelict behavior thanks to a man who gave him the opprotunity Bertram Marduk.

Bertram one day perhaps on a whim enlisted the help of the crewman asking him to help float along a series of high stake bets at the racing tracks of Five Fingers. what was though a mundane favor for a Chief Striker exploded into a night of rapid and intoxicating success and wealth. Quickly Wilkens’ elation over their massive earnings soured as the two of them were attacked by a gang called “The Red Cutters.” It was a nearly fatal encounter, Wilken and Bertram thought themselves dead defending one another until Tyson Delsol and Maria Normel came to their aid from inside a humble temple to Morrow.

With his earnings Wilkens at first spent the coin like mad but realized how many people were trying to swindle his money. He sought Bertram’s advice about the subject and discussed uses for the coin which would change his plot in life. While he is by no means a more mannered or educated man he has realized his funds could be invested and has taken a new keen interest in using his cunning to raise his station in life.

When Bertram died in the Olgunholt Wilkens was shocked and enraged. While he wasn’t hard for Golrick Steadfast to get back under control Wilkens went on record saying that he felt the Captain and Chaeffer left his newly promoted friend to die because he disagreed with their handling of Tyson Del Sol. Wilkens has learned to trust the Morrowan church with matters of anger due to being saved properly by a Morrowan Inquisitor. Rather than lash out Wilkens is learning to temper his anger into productive methods and recently sought out ways to honor Bertram’s memory.

Wilkens Greyweather

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