Aboard the Anchor's Bane

The Aftermath of Glimmershore

The Aftermath of Glimmershore

Told from the viewpoint of Kelley Essex

Coming back to the Anchor’s Bane its clear the amount of stress she was put through today. While the coast is safe once again many faces be it ship hands and press gangers alike have gone missing. A mast torn clear from it’s root and a hull gulping down sea water constantly it’s a marvel that she even floats. Aboard the blood-soaked docks Kelley Essex stares at his vessel and only mistress left with a look of powerlessness in his eyes, a look he never has once shore from Blackshoal to Glimmershore.

Trudging up the ramp together the smell of gunpowder and blood lingers upon the boat only dragging up the terrifying battles that recently came. A grunt as Essex plants his mechanical hand along a fierce wound just under his ribs given to him by the swirling chaos of the Saytrix Warcaster’s crew. “We’ve had it rough haven’t we girl…?” He asks his boat almost in a daze trying to reach for a cigar only to remember he used it last. Planting a foot onto the Anchor’s Bane invites the gazes of the crew.

With a wheezing breath Essex scans the faces of his crew, hatred burned bright in the eyes of many but relief in the eyes of those he cared of. It was only then that he caught sight of his faithful Buccaneer Jack, Penny. She was scarped, bent, marred and nearly broken beyond repair. It was clear she must have taken a deck gun or two to the chest and harpoons were still lodged in her pneumonic pistons and gears. He felt guilt wash over him as he thought about how he’d of normally cut and run had he thought it through.

Limping over to the stairs of the Captain’s Wheel he was greeted by a almost untouched Morgan Ulvari. His outfit was still bright and only a few drops of blood along the cuffs showing he had fought but most likely only when it merited it. Essex’s eyes closed and a breath rolled out of his lips “I don’t see how you do it Mr. Ulvari… How did you keep her together?” He turned his back to his First mate and sat down staring toward his crew shocked to see the battle damaged Penny had already noticed him and was trekking toward the aft of the ship to greet her master in her subtle way.

“Through the steam engine overdrive of course, we fled their gunfire till we felt sure their broadsides were depleted… We miscalculated.” Ulvari smiles step past his Captain and turning to meet his gaze as Penny strolled up beside the first mate weakly extending it’s fist toward the Captain who stared at it nearly forgetting the custom he and his Jack had established. Essex Extends his Mechanikal limb bumping fists with the Jack, and immediately it let its arm dangle showing the extent of the damage on one of it’s hydraulic actuators in it’s arm was torn lose. For a moment Essex simply stared in disbelief that she could even move the limb only reminding him how much of his stubbornness rubbed off on his little girl.

Turning to look to Ulvari he simply nodded retracing the last few moments of the conversation. “ The fact she isn’t drown in the coasts or has living souls on it at all is a testament to your skill Mr. Ulvari. I expected nothing less, Good work I have it from here…” First Mate Morgan Ulvari gulped slightly looking over to the crew and back to his captain. “Sir… the new recruits almost turned on us in the middle of the shootout, it would have been nice to have had Termon to crack a few skulls, I see 2nd Mate Chaffer but where is-“ Essex cut him off and bluntly said “Fought to the bitter end, and would have none of my excuses. His burial was saw to…” His relaxed posture tightened up and Penny leaned in as if to try and console her master who pushed her away “I’m up to my throat in death and let downs first mate, I’m sure you realize this don’t bode well for the chain of command egh? We just had shore leave cut early and heavy losses… What I wouldn’t give for a friendly bottle of rum and a bit if irresponsibility right about now…”

Morgan nodded knowing all too well that morale was low and without the threat of the quarter master’s Lash as well as any pay for their lives things could be turning ugly soon. “Then we should address this misconduct right here and now captain.” He said very plainly expecting to hear Kelley agree. However Essex sighed replying “… I don’t blame them for what they are feeling for a change. We’re starting to have a long run of bad luck and without an end in sight I might have been right along with them were I not in charge… give the men double the rations, a ration of rum each and make sure they know that we plan to set up at Five Fingers again soon.”

Morgan blinked in disbelief “Five Fingers sir? Why there?” Essex’s gaze turned to Glimmershore and narrowed with a cold anger that could have unsettled the most seasoned pirate. “I need to pay someone a visit there. I plan to be settling a few scores and making sure that my men wet their appetites on simpler vices than murder and mutiny…” Morgan Simply sighs “Well then that just leaves the matter of the Quartermaster…” Essex sighs and gives Ulvari and gesture to just leave him alone “Mr. Ulvari… I appreciate your promptness but I am in no mood for talking about who is going to count my plunder, we’ll save it for another time, Aye?” Morgan remained respectful and true to a naval officer’s professionalism acknowledged his wishes and walked out.

Essex looked away from Glimmershore as it was beginning to make him sick with anger and looked to his promising 2nd mate Chaffer. Only a few weeks aboard he had learned many things both wanted and unwanted about him. It still haunted him how he pulled away those screaming souls in the middle of battle he often wouldn’t be able to recognize the strong solider in the midst of his unholy fury. Those spiteful words proclaiming he would become a Scion of Thamar before good hearted fearful men, women and children. While strong, independent and gifted he could see it plainly on the boy’s face that he loathed his own existence, that he only woke up to create a different story than those around him wove. He admired that, but wondered if it was what he really wanted…

Essex reflected upon his own personal gifts, how much pride he felt when his naval captain discovered his gifts and sent him back to the capital for proper training. Friends and family congratulated him, face he hasn’t seen for years wishing him well and hoping he would bring honor to the navy. Nostaglia took its toll as his mind lingered on the memories and faces of people he hasn’t see in many years reminding him less than a handful would even want to see him since he became a pirate on the seas. Despite the pain it opened his eyes to Chaffer’s history. Despite his talent and power he hasn’t been provided with respect or appreciation simply because of a Hokey religion he opted for over another. It didn’t sit right with him he wondered how much of a proper life he ever even had before it was snatched from him by these same horrors of Glimmershore. Without of doubt Chaffer deserved better than he was given by those folks within Morrow’s temple…

Yet Mr. Atimos… was another story entirely. Essex stewed in his anger knowing any words he would deal toward Atimos Chaffer would come to his aid and defend him. “But why? “ he thought, “We are not above those folks, I’d of rather been broken, beaten, tortured and put on display like that Ghastly Specter’s Warding than known I had that little girl’s blood on my hands…” He tapped a finger anxiously on his knee lost in thought “ I don’t buy his philosophy, He claimed to help ‘kill a few to spare the lot’ yet he constantly drags us into the collateral… the innocent, my crew and worst of all me.. I don’t see someone who is weighing life… I see in that man someone who weighs victory and that the ends justify the means. Between him and Mr. Uldara I’m just inviting further tradgey I think…” He pushes back some of his hair and chew his lip a bit before standing up from the steps as Penny examines him and he can feel her eagerness despite her injuries to complete a new task. “You’ve done good little lady, you saved who you could I bet just like I’ve taught you ey? How about you squeeze into my quarters for now egh? Its going to be cold tonight, before you shut down make sure to warm my quarters and I’ll see what I can do about those parts you need.” Penny stared blankly for a moment fully processing what her master said as she set her Gaffhook against the walls of the doors into his quarters knowing it’s too cramped to use such a tool and clanked away without much further response.

Essex hailed down Chaffer with a simple order “I want a headcount Mr. Chaffer, make sure to split them numbers between press gangers and old crew. Oh and thank you, without you to my back I’m sure this sorry lot would have been lost without me.” He said with a smile before finishing “…afterword my quarters, we have much to discuss” He simply nods not letting him give a response.

What Goes Boom in the Night?
Port Brenon Dailies

What Goes Boom in the Night?

As of late the City of Port Brenon could not possibly get much louder for some of it’s citizens. For those graced by Morrow’s or just lucky enough to avoid these events the last few nights several loud and random series of explosions have been heard going off. While people woke from their beds speculating either more Mentite Terrorists, or Alchemical after-burn build ups the true source remains a mystery. Guard-Captain Donavin Foil has sent his men to investigate and all that has been reportedly seen or found is blood, bits of skin and hair after the overwhelmingly disastrous collateral damage that appears to be inflicted on homes, families and businesses ranging from mostly market places and some remote high-wall areas.

The Guard have been thoroughly searching homes and questioning thugs but have no answers from any traditional sources. Some are claiming magic must be at play while others think a rash of suicidal events have simply spurted up. Whatever the cause it has been officially stated that no evidence of chemicals or gunpowder appear to be involved.

As a result the guard have increased all watches and are looking for temporary strong arms for assistance in catching these diabolical defacers.

- Anton Trigol, Small-Time Gossip.
A Strike in the Dark
Port Brenon Dailies

A Strike in the Dark

It hasn’t been a week and the once assumed strike within the Ogrun Labor Union was actually revealed to be a cry for help from besieged workers. The problem was discovered by a BRU (Brenon Rail-ways Unlimited) envoy after train-13 traveled out to the Wyrmwall Mountains with a desire to get the union back to work. At that time it was reported the envoy reported losing rail-hands while investigating the now desolate town of Pomona. only a dozen survivors were found cowering within the caverns of the Ogryn rail tunnels with the Union leadership nowhere to be found. It was discovered that the Union leader, Garver had lead a rescue party of one-hundred Ogrun to search for survivors.

The BRU had brought a Rhulic Representative, by the name of Gadrin Wyrmcrusher to be the negotiator for their meeting with union, despite this being a complete breakdown of command the Ogrun were stated as remaining defiant till they learned of the fate of the rescue party which was attempting to hail Cygnar’s Third Army 14th Division, lead by Senior Commander Evelyn Turpin. Luckily anticipating riots or a need for personal protection the Owner of the BRU Mr. Jacob Masters had brought a small contingent of mercenaries into his employ. As a gesture of good faith Masters implored the mercenaries to go above and beyond their calling to help these down-trodden workers.

The local group refers to themselves as The Torchwood Company and heroically took up the calling. Armed with only two labor jacks and four men this group ventured into the dark tunnels of Wyrmwall to with hopes to reach a telegraph station at the summit of their mountain crest. What the group didn’t realize is that this journey into the dark was filled with a terror Immoren has rarely heard of, monstrous creatures almost as tall as Ogrun and just as strong, sporting skinless faces and impromptu weaponry. Named “Dregg” by the scholars of Iron Head Station Universities these creatures.

Despite all the odds this rag-tag group of mercs got the job done, they managed to get past what Ogrun survivors called “A seething swarm of Carnage and Chaos”. It took only an hour and the 14th division arrived with 2000 rapid response trenchers, and 10 military grenadier jacks from a military forward base by rail car. The battle was bloody and noisy but in the end these creatures were no match for a advanced tactics and stratagems of the Warmaster General’s Grandaughter or her command.

It took one full day but the Dregg are reportedly wiped out within the Pomona mouth entrance. Lord General Vincent Gollan has taken a brief statement to the citizens of Cygnar who are worried about their safety using the newly accessible Rail-ways as…

" With all innovation and invention it would be foolish to assume that any commercial enterprise is entirely safe. However, I have received the debriefings from my subordinate and they assure me that “The Third” shall be more frequently patrolling and helping rebuild the damages to Pomona. and doing it’s best to make sure that further advancement will be shielded."

Meanwhile the quite little village of Pomona and the Ogrun Labor Union are in disarray. Pomona, once a town of 2,000 has only 43 survivors most of which no longer have family or friends to return to. And the Union reports as many as 357 missing from payroll archieves, while many bodies went undiscovered for both the union and the villagers. Inquiry as to their fates was met with no comment by any ranking military officials of note.

While victory over savagery is a old tale told many different ways in Cygnar from slavering Khadorian warlords, Troll Berserker uprisings, and Menite Terrorism against Morrow. It is this journalist’s humble opinion that the Dwarves take a serious consideration how well we the people of Cygnar treat their workers in the future when they consider the prices on coal.

- Doreen Falls, Junior Journalist of the Port Brenon Dailies.
Riecker Industries Mutagenics Leak!
Port Brenon Dailies

Riecker Industries loses face due to Mutagenics leak.

A recent fiasco took place when Riecker Industries was discovered siphoning vast amounts of tainted Mutagenic Extracts from an ‘unrecorded experiment’ within the sealed doors of their facility. Without a place to properly store it that could be easily made popular belief and hear-say is that Riecker Industries tried to do a dirty disposal within Elder River.

Now people for many years have been grateful for the abundant wells away from river. 30 years ago this mess would have caused a massive outbreak of sickness. Luckily only a few people were foolish enough to touch let along taste the blood red waters that were gushing out of the walled grates of Hightown for a change. Most people who did succumbed to bouts of anger and irritability. Some people even bit and clawed at guards who tried to restrain them. It took calling in Surgeons, doctors and medical alchemists to decide the red waters would pass in just a few more minutes and anyone drinking or touching the liquids wouldn’t spread any harmful effects however they were very sick if not suffering from severe shock or stress after exposure.

The city watch has asked multiple times to inspect the facilities at Riecker Industries for some time which had always been met with disapproval as they were committing no crimes. But now the military is threatening an investigation, after 7 years of looking the other way mind you… Incase it wasn’t apparent, if I were you I’d avoid using any of their products till their fate has been decided by the military. Don’t want to catch the last bad batch after all.

- Tim Newell Triage nurse and concerned citizen.
Ogryn Labor Union Refuses to End Strike
Port Brenon Dailies

Ogryn’s labor union refuses to end strike.

A Rail-car passage through the Wyrmwall Mountains has always been the aspiration of Cygnaran men and women for decades now. Some claim it was the only bloody reason a port as shady and criminal laden as Brenon was allowed to exist in the first place. Every advance always causing a halt of that dream, such as roving Troll-kin clans or Farrow attacks. It was only last year the city of Port Brenon had been able to make enough progress to move past the forests completely and work toward the plains. Well it seems another powerful snag as halted the dreams of many citizens. All due to the decision of one man, though I should say one sub-human actually.

Ogryn Union Leader, Garver had issued a union strike sometime shortly after the Tempen Trainyard Tragedy. Initial claims were to check on the status of families and integrity of the rail tracks. Yet here we are 3 weeks later more than ample time for industry and work to resume business as usual. But Garver has stated “He nor any of my 700 workers shall be working until the Port Brenon Transit Industries comes to proper terms regarding the safety of my people.”

Folks, I am not the first to say this nor will I be the last! This is completely ludicrous. We all know Railcar workers have some of the best pay out there for labor intensive jobs. Now they want “more safety?” from what!? Hardly any Ogryn were reported even injured during the Tempen Trainyard Tragedy, and not a single one reported dead! Were it not for the fact these seven hundred workers were some of the best money could buy they could be easily replaced! By the Wyrm they still could, but the real problem here is that the Ogryn Labor Union is under Rhulic trader agreements, and removal of their workers will result in an immediate lockdown of all trade good coming out of Rhul.

So there you have it folks! When the Ogryn want something we have to pay out the nose for them to have their way otherwise we are a burden on the country. If you ask me these greedy unions will cause the death of all business as we know it. No wonder the larger companies went to larger cities, we are scaring them off with these taxes and tariffs!

-John Que Peublak, Small Mining Business Owner
Grand Opening: Mechanikal Muse
Port Brenon Dailies

Grand Opening of “The Mechanikal Muse.”

Come one or bring all! a mystifying innovation of enhancing enchantment shall envelope you the moment enter this new one of a kind optical theater owned by the ingenious one, Mordakai Granger. Pairing his mechanikal expertise with the artistic stylings of Clara Vortiheim. With the grand opening this weekend for the even it only cost of 2 crowns per person and deals being extended to children. The event promises to debut a new medium of entertainment which has Port Brenon a Blaze with discussion as either Clara or Mordakai are willing to even so much as hint at the event until the big day.

Despite the hype I am planning to keep a level head and review the source exactly as intended on behalf of the hard working people out here who can’t factor their money on in unsure bet. Rest assured Port Brenon, the whole night will be recorded. I hope you enjoy a longer article once I can get to work.

- Jacob Markins, Critic of Port Brenon Daily
The Sea Spirit, Fishmonger Myth? Or Military Conspiracy? You Decide!
Port Brenon Dailies

The Sea Spirit, Fishmonger Myth? Or Military Conspiracy

A rumor has been begun to spread from the fishmongers and dock workers that have been fishing and casting lines near the east of Port Brenon. Despite frequent warnings from Cygnaran Naval vessles stating “they have seen strange activity” with the area the fishermen continue to go some out of spite, others out of traditions but most now out of curiosity. Supposedly a trio of light emerald green orbs of light have been witnessed churning the waters and descending deep into the ocean waters not to be seen again for days or weeks on end.

The meaning behind the symbols confuses most as to what it exactly means. Some claim that it is proof of Ascendant Doleth’s vigilance at work within the waters, granting miracles a large yield of fish, treasure or men in need of rescue within the waters of the sea. While others think that these lights could be an insidious plot formulated by the Nightmare Empire. I must confess I have avoided that section of the waters myself personally should even the slightest possibility of Cryx be the hand that is causing this phenomena but the military is asking for people to stay away and that should be cause for caution enough.

- Anton Trigol, Small-Time Gossip
Crime Continues to Rise, No End in Sight!
Port Brenon Dailies

Crime continues to Rise, No End in Sight.

Without a doubt a city as large as Port Brenon tends to toughen up even the daintiest of women and teaches most the bastards that roam the docks for fun a thing or two about a hard days work. The good and honest life is all around us but it doesn’t take an Arcanist to figure out that this is a tough city to get by in. Everyone is in a rush, the roads could be re-organized and a bit of pity theft is considered your own fault for allowing it to happen.

Yet with that said, it is undeniable that theft, robbery, murder and most notably arson are all on the rise. Nine buildings burnt down to it’s foundations always, most of which had innocents alive inside. Eleven murders have been recorded this month alone, and lets not even think about how many aren’t recorded from day to day… People are finding even once safe streets within the markets and high district are now being subject to cut purses and back alley bandits.

All of this in a matter or weeks, I cannot speak for the rest of you but I remember a day when Brenon had strong leaders of authority. Even though the city still is and always has been named the Bay of Brigands and Bastards it wasn’t to the point where the common man had to look over his shoulder. It was normally a guard who put the screws to a crime boss a little too hard who might have turned up missing. While I can only speculate as to the reasons the streets have begin to be dangerous to walk at night and I am only left wondering why we appointed Admiral Bradshaw his title in the first place if he can’t keep the deviants in check that dock here day in and out, or will he give us another story about how these acts of violence fall onto Captain Theros of the Watch’s shoulders again.

In short Bradshaw and Theros the people you swore to protect are waiting for that assistance you always boast about being able to give us. Crack some skulls already! We need peaceful streets damnit!

- Hubert Kinthols, Senior adviser of Winston street-watch.
Menite Extremists put to death for Trainyard Tradegy
Port Brenon Dailies

Menite Extremists put to death after Train-yard Massacre.

The 4th of Tempen; 608 AR, a day which started as simple as any other but ended seared into our minds. Much like the days when hushed whispers of missing villagers and ghost towns were a common occurrence now the event known as “An act of Desperate Savagery” hardly spoken as a mercy to those who lost relatives and loved ones. As the numbers came in reports of as many as 47 wounded and 34 killed in the matter of moments as screeching steel and burning bodies greeted the unsuspecting patrons to the Brenon Transit Incorporated.

Men in white robes armed with weaponry and bombs stormed out from the ticket booths and Menite extremists poured out of the Inbound Tram 11 that day. Taking so many lives with them, we all heard the prayers and pleas of widows and orphans demanding answers saying “Why didn’t someone act!?” Well at long last the cries for justice were heard. After a 3 week imprisonment and tribunal the Cygnaran Military sealed the documents necessary for execution. Their hanging shall be a closed event reserved for only victim’s families under military supervision. After completed with a rare joint order by both Cygnaran Military and Navy these spies and traitors shall be on display for 2 weeks within the Gallows their Regalia left adorned to them to send a united message to extremists everywhere.

I think we can all agree that regardless of the political views, or religious stances that neither Menoth or Morrow wished for the Tragedy of the Tempen Trainyard Tradegy. At last Justice has been done and the victims of these heinous deed can rest a little easier know it came to end

Anna Hitchen, Junior Journalist for the Brenon Daily

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