Aboard the Anchor's Bane

A Killer in Red

War of Masks: Sasha (part1)

“You’re her are ya? … he could have sent me a looker at least.” A youthful streetsharp murmurs to a red haired woman with an athletic looking body in tailored plate and two swords at her sides. The Woman silently turned her gaze to him showing the scar of shrapnel in her face and the wicked glare in her eye which wasn’t respected. In a flash and a flick of her wrist blood was drawn as the unaware thug suddenly felt a hot sting of steel glance his eye causing blood to fill his vision and clench his eye shut. Before he could speak anything other than a howl of anquish she set upon him. Using her powerful frame to push him to the ground with one hand and placed a foot on his windpipe before slowly twisting her foot pushing out what air he tried to gasp down.

" He sent me to talk, not listen." The gangster flailed on the ground as Sasha felt like putting all her strength into the ball of her foot and just giving herself a little gratification but couldn’t ignore the guns slowly being drawn by the men hiding in the dark alleys which must have been his back up. She looks to the closest man and broke her stare into the terrified man “I’m not one of them. Also…” *She lets go of her foot as the gangster springs up coughing for air before Sasha hooks him in the temple with an iron gauntlet now a bit bloody. “I play nice, long as others do. So, mind your manners.”

One of the men steps forward with a smile curling his mustache before arching his rich dark eyebrows and smiles bowing courteously. “You’ll excuse Mickey, he doesn’t know a gorgeous woman when he sees one; and if I may be so bold I already see what he sees in you. Samuel Scraggs, I understand that our employer would like a bit of… cooperation yes?” Sasha sighs walking calmly forward to Samuel Scraggs with a grim face on though Scraggs only replies with a crazed look that would make Atticus proud. “Close enough, lets talk business, we’ve set up a small place for this meeting.”

Samuel Scraggs rolls his eyes reading over some of the parts of the letter handed off to him by Sasha. A diner full of Khadorian meals surrounds them both as Scraggs folds the document with a grin handing it back to her. Many of the sweetlings are scattered among the establishment trying their best to appear to enjoy the food while keeping a hawk’s eye on Sasha.

“You’ve been made aware of these terms?” Scraggs says with a raised eyebrow. “Because… he’s made a tall order for a bunch of professionals who work best when vigilance is weakest. So a request during daylight riots against a hardened complex… seems a bit peculiar for our talents… he must have a lot of faith in your skills.”

Sasha stared Scraggs down before breaking eye contact “He can believe whatever the fuck he likes.” Scraggs retorts “Oh? you don’t think you can do this?” Sasha gives him a look dignifying a fool. Scraggs’ lips thin at that as he maintains a cool deameaor. “Oh so you can then.” Sasha pulls an arm behind the seat and smirks “In or out?”

Scraggs half closes his eyes and mouths a few words thinking about costs and risk verse reward. He starts to make dashes for ten and nodding showing obvious signs of computing before he says. “Considering the amount of assets I and the boys lose should we refuse. We’re in, however tell Mr. Sweets we’d like to talk about some liquidations.” Sasha stands up from the table and starts to walk out after retorting. “Tell him yourself, or send a kid. I’m not either of yours or his errand girl. Get those morons ready for a raid already.”

Scraggs releases a hand off his gun and scowls at the back of Sasha’s head as one of the men comes over to him. “Real bitch am I right boss?” Samuel rolls his eyes and shoos away the man but replying all the same. “Oh, no I see exactly why he sent her. You just watch we’ll be seeing more of her. Exactly his type.”


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