Aboard the Anchor's Bane

Every Gobber has their day!

War of Masks: Smindle

“I don’t like it Smindle…” Muttered a runty looking Gobber as he looks to a few of his peers looking for approval only finding that they are giving him a minor amount of attention “I know they stopped the gases for us b-”

A tough looking drops a large sack down at his feet infront of his peers and looks up chewing his top lip before silently looking at them all. Each Gobber had been listening to Spetta; he was the one stupid enough to say was was on his mind in front of Smindle. Whether they knew of not, in their silence they incriminated Spetta who shook nervously when he locked eyes on the furious glare of Smindle who immediately socked him in the jaw bringing the little runt to the ground. “Listen up I’m only gun’ say this once.” He warned to them all shifty eyed to his partners*

“Here in Five Fingers we’z aint given much; so we take instead yea? Well the humans know it, why do you think we live the say we do, plenty of us got coin! No one ever gives us considerations. When the gases rose no one cared, no bidness, no chruch, no shopz and certainly no chemists!” He raises a hand to Spetta who cowers on the ground whimpering “But ya know what was worst? Not even other gobs cared! Better us than them right?! Not him! He cared enough to solve the whole problem. Saved me nieces and nephews; …ugh they is missing but I’m sure he had nothing to do with it! Point is we owe im! He gave us help when nobody would. And I’ll make sure ya pay because the Riggs can always use friends like him! So shut-up put on yer masks and look Real sneaky before I go fishing with one of yer ears!”

The Gobbers begin to tear into the sack laid infront of them arguing over who’s mask is whose and which one gets which nifty bits. Smindle sighs and pick up a mask looking over a description provided by Az to him. “Right, Frigate sized; wavy flag bits… people? …why is that a question? And big sexy guns…” Smindle chuckles thankful he remembers how the Bane looks but doesn’t disagree with the description.

“Move ya Green earred iggets!”

Like a sudden breeze the gobbers seems to vanish from eyesight as they scrambled up buildings into the dark allies and into homes in search of the Anchor’s Bane


Loreun Loreun

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