Sammie Dileg

Bosun of the Devil's Larder


A man who appears more grizzled by age than his years would suggest. Sammie is a man with haunting details of maltreatment by Cryxian hands. Samuel’s right eye and ear were washed in Cryxian caustic corrosives melting and eatting away at most of the hair and ear cartilage of that half of his face. His right eye looks half dead but barely still functions and is considered a bad omen if it ever dilates by most of his crew.

Mr. Dileg is quite simply a man who has walked through Hell…


Sammie Dileg’s history is barely known at this time. However he served upon the ship known as “The Devil’s Larder”. Making his emergence in the story of Dread in Service Sammie proved himself well versed in the way a proper Sharde Isle captain will command a ship.

Sammie Dileg

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